The Importance of Self-Reflection and Contemplation

August 11th, 2015

hi folks,

i was just thinking about the anti-dote to whatever ails us, personally and globally, and it seems so obvious to be self-reflection.  here is a quote from a being called theo that sums it up very well:

“each soul has a purpose when it incarnates, it has chosen to incarnate.  it is not something is that is thrust upon you, you chose it.  and your soul has a desire for its learning in certain areas and you recognize certain continuums of learning experiences, cycles that keep coming about again and again.  and when you see this and you can grasp it and say, who inside me has created this pattern?  and you begin to be familiar with certain circumstances or core issues in which beliefs began of not being good enough or worthy enough or lovable enough.  and with that illumination and realization there is change that comes, a rewriting of the script of your life, or your beliefs about your life experience.  it opens you to the greater abundance of all your dreams and desires to be met.  it’s so important to reflect on your past year to see the growth that has been and then invite growth and understanding in this time, for illumination will occur.”

we are in interesting times folks and the simple things like slowing down and tuning in to our own wisdom are essential to seeing the most fruitful path through the chaos.  neutrality and reflection are our friends.

♥ beth

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