How I Work

I strongly believe that awareness of ourselves, or self-knowing is the essential foundation for living an authentic, healthy, loving and fulfilling life. Without knowing the unique operating system we are walking around in,  we are inevitably at the mercy of our unconscious mind, which contains all the unprocessed and unacknowledged experiences of our lives.  Without awareness of this unconscious material, it will take our peace and happiness.

However, because we can learn and practice the skills to observe and see toxic patterns, we can cultivate the spaciousness and stillness that allows our natural state of being to integrate and heal our lives.  This natural state of being IS peace, harmony and acceptance of reality and is available to everyone who pursues it. There are many different tools and methods to cultivate this inner-knowing and I enjoy finding the tools that work for each individual.

I consider it an honor to participate with you on this inner journey of healing and wholeness.


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