Groups And Workshops

Tuning Into The Sacred Wisdom of the Feminine

with Beth Meeker and Barbara Saber

Saturday December 5th, 2015

1 pm to 5 pm at
Platypus Studios and Playhouse in Downtown St. Petersburg



Intuitive Painting 2015 with Joy Thompson


Group Series with Beth Meeker Coming Soon In 2016

Gathering of Awakening Sacred Artists and Activists

Bi-Weekly Group Designed to Support the Second Renaissance Now Upon and Within Us!

This group invites creative souls that believe in the healing of humanity and the planet through trusting in our own creative genius, however that chooses to show up for us. The purpose of the group is to help heal and support creative visionaries and artists that are bringing forth the solutions that create peace and abundance on our planet.

Dates will be announced soon. If you are interested in participating, please email me at and let me know.  I am very excited about coming together and experimenting and dreaming with other visionaries who can see through the illusions and imagine peace.

Big Paint Flyer

Intuitive Painting

An Afternoon of Intuitive Painting

Saturday, July 26th, 2014 1pm – 5pm
Saturday, August 23rd, 2014 1pm – 5pm
Saturday, September 27th, 2014 1pm – 5pm
Saturday, October 25th, 2014 1pm – 5pm

(click on the flyer for details)

Facilitated by: Joy Thompson

Platypus Studios & Playhouse
205 5th Street N
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701

Love Offering

Space is limited. Please register with Joy by e-mailing or calling her.

Sunday Series: Returning to the Deep Self

Experiment #1: Beginning February 23rd 2014 – ongoing

An experimental ongoing weekly Sunday series to share information and processes that move us more deeply into our relationship with our  authenticity, where true freedom lies. 

This series of gatherings is intended to work/play with our personal and collective stories calling for change.

Facilitated by: Beth Meeker

Sundays 4-6 PM starting 2/23

Platypus Studios & Playhouse
205 5th Street N
Saint Petersburg, FL, 33701

Love and Appreciation Offering

There is no commitment to sign up. Just show up.  It is a completely voluntary experience.  Please join me if you feel moved to sit with others with the intention of living more in harmony with our deep selves in our daily lives.  Human beings are natural story tellers, which is evident if we have the opportunity to share our  own experiences as well as be open to listening to other’s.  Both are healing for us. Our everyday journeys hold great wisdom. If you want to know more, please send me an email at

There is plenty of parking behind the office building, which is a a public city parking lot free on the weekends. Entrance to office is IN THE BACK of building. Hope to see you there!

One-Day Mindfulness Workshops for 2012

The one-day workshop is a moving group experience that uses mindful experiential exercises to promote spiritual awakening and deep healing.

from 12 pm to 5 pm in St. Petersburg, FL


Topic to Be Announced

To register for this one-day workshop, please email me at or call 813-362-6471. For more information, look below or go to There are a limited number of spaces available and it will be on a first come basis. Come bring your playful curiosity and courage to create a more joy-filled and vital life.

FEE: Heart Donation

DATES: To Be Announced

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)

8 Week Course Fall 2012

When: To be announced

Where: 1432 MLK Street N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704

Cost: The fee for the group is on a sliding scale, based upon ability to pay, and ranges from $500 to $250. You set your own fee based on your financial situation, no questions asked. Scholarships and payment plans available upon request.

To register or find out more information, please email at or call 813-362-6471.

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course

An Integrated 8-week weekend program exploring paths to peace and authenticity.

Description: Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) is an experiential program developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn that uses mindfulness as its foundation. Through cultivating non-judgmental awareness of our moment-to-moment experience, MBSR offers a user-friendly, integrated approach to working with our daily physical, emotional and psychological stress, as well as offering powerful coping tools for cultivating inner peace and wellness. Many participants also find that their MBSR experience provides a solid foundation for deep emotional healing and personal, relational and spiritual growth. This program is designed for both men and women to acquire skills that lead to living a fulfilling, authentic life.

When: TBA

Where: 1432 MLK Street N, St. Petersburg, FL 33704


To register, email me at For questions send an email to or call 813-362-6471.

Recent MBSR reviews:

“this is the most direct path to inner peace i’ve experienced. mbsr was the answer to my wish for peace in the chaos. i had a series of traumatic events that left me feeling vulnerable and in a state of almost constant anxiety about what other great tragedy awaited me. there was little anyone could say or do to help me feel any peace about life. i had almost resigned to believing i’d had too much exposure to pain and that i would just have to learn to live with the anxiety.

MBSR changed everything.

From the first reading to well beyond the class, there are so many amazing ways to connect with peace in the present moment. and even though i was only searching for a way to peace (a tiny little goal), i found new levels of awareness through exercises like mindful eating and mindful walking. I even used mindfulness in experiencing my migraines which subsequently disappeared.

I’m a recent transplant to Tampa and have to say i’m amazed and grateful that such a great program exists in this city. Beth provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere to learn about mindfulness and work through the struggles that come up in the process (and they always do). i can’t say enough about how wonderful the experience was. I’ve been recommending it to everyone i love. it really is the best gift you can give yourself.” R.C.

“What a joy it was having the opportunity to be in the MBSR class for women! You were adept at facilitating the group and when I found myself judging what someone was saying, I looked at you and you were opening. Thank you for allowing all of us the space to just “be” in the moment with our fellow sisters.

Look forward to another workshop!!” M.B.

“I fully enjoyed your MBSR experience and feel that it has deepened my mindfulness and meditation practice. Your support throughout the experience is greatly appreciated and I wish you the best with your future courses. I highly recommend your MBSR programs and learned a great deal about mindfulness and myself in the process.” J.G.


Dancing With The True Self

3-Day Women’s Retreat

“Better that the whole world turn against you than you consenting to turn against yourself.”

Are you ready to make a commitment to living from the Truth that is You? Are the authentic parts of you yearning (kicking, screaming, crying, pleading) for acknowledgment and expression? Have you met and felt the vitality of your Truth and somehow lost connection to it in our fast-paced, overstimulated world? Is life giving you curriculum (events, situations) that require change?

Join me and special guest sacred movement artist, Joy Thompson, for this deeply nourishing, transformative three day experience where we will meet the Truth of who we are using our personal journey. Through the practices of meditation, sacred movement, writing, relating to nature and our bodies and experiential exercises with others committed to awareness, we will meet the wisest companion that is our true Self. This Self has many gifts to share with you. It is waiting.

Cost: $599.oo for single room, $579.00 for double room; includes all meals – delicious vegetarian cuisine. Early registration special! Register and pay in full by September 1st and get $100 off registration fee.

Location: this retreat will be held at the Franciscan Center in Tampa, FL. Located on the Hillsborough River, the center offers an environment of peace, simplicity and comfort for spiritual renewal.

Franciscan Center

3010 North Perry Ave

Tampa, FL 33603

To view full itenerary, click here.

To register for this 3-Day transformative experience, please call 813-362-6471. For more information, email me at There are a limited number of spaces available and it will be on a first come basis. Come bring your playful curiosity and courage to create a more joy-filled and vital life.

Mindful Living: Evening Talk and One-Day Experiential Workshop

Accessing Our True Nature on Behalf of Self and Earth

in collaboration with The Bridge: Envisioning A Life Sustaining Future

Evening Lecture, Thursday, September 13th 7 pm-9pm

Saturday All-Day, September 22 9 am- 5pm

For more information, click here

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Course

Engaging the Deep Wisdom of the Body and Mind

Upcoming Course Dates To Be Announced Soon!

1432 Dr. MLK Street N

Saint Petersburg, FL, 33704

I am happy to be offering an exceptional course on cultivating mindfulness into our daily lives. We meet every other Saturday together over an eight week period to deepen and practice the simple yet profound techniques that invite a peace that enriches every aspect of our lives. During the course, the following are some of the topics that will be practiced:

• recognizing when we are disconnected from ourselves – i.e. rushing, living on auto-pilot, participating in activities that are not enriching

• paying attention with curiosity to the discomforts that arise in our lives (physical, mental and emotional)

• using our own resistance as a way to enter into states of peace and acceptance

• using physical and emotional experiences in the body as a means of deep healing

• how to use our relationships as a means of deepening connection to self and all aspects of our lives

• turning our intense emotional experiences into allies instead of letting them derail and interrupt our lives

• connecting to and acting from purpose in our lives

• trusting ourselves and the events that are unfolding in our lives

These are just some of the topics that organically arise as we begin to practice mindfulness in our daily lives. The group experience invites and allows all participants to bring their own experiences into class and explore through safe and insightful methods. These exercises are clear paths that invite us to deeply connect to our own inner wisdom that is waiting to guide us in each moment. Along with the group exercises, we will also practice the following:

• mindfulness meditation (sitting practice)

• walking meditation

• insight dialogue (bringing meditation into our connections/conversations)

• mindful eating

• mindful movement (gentle yoga and stretching)

I invite you to SLOW DOWN and take some time to deeply connect and listen to your self. You’ll be very grateful for the wisdom and peace that await you. To register, please email me at or feel free to call if you have questions.

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